This portfolio, "Inner Darkness," is a study of a slow decline into inner turmoil and self destructiveness. It is, as it were, a storm in the inner landscape of the mind. We so ofter turn away from that side of human nature because it threatens our sense of security and self, demanding understanding and empathy for conditions that we would rather not even recognize.

I have displayed the images in what I think is the proper order but have not given them titles so that the viewer can create his or her own. My story is one of tragedy after a promising beginning, something that we know happens but is hard to acknowledge. Others may see a different story but, no matter what, I believe the images are powerful enough to move a viewer into his or her own contemplation of the dark side of inner life.

To add context, I photographed the Medieval Dance of Death images from Lucerne's Spreuer Bridge and have used them to bolster a dark story line. Please see the Artist's Statement below for a vision of the human story lurking in the shadows.