The Night of Dreams from the In the Mind's Eye Portfolio

Have you ever wondered what happens if you turn a story around and play it backwards? I have done precisely that in this gallery, which is put together with six images from my fifteen image "In the Mind's Eye" portfolio, also on this website. In this case, instead of starting with my Self-reflection image as the beginning of access to the unconscious world, I have used it as the closing look in the mirror after a night of dreams with the question, "What in the world was I dreaming about?" In other words, as a way of closing down access to the unconscious, to what the dreams suggested, and as a re-entry to the work-a-day world.

In this gallery of six images we begin with a night out, going to sleep, dreams which go deeper and deeper into erotic and angry conflict, and then are all put away with a good hard look in the mirror.

All these images are copyrighted by Jon Meyer ©. I do not license images from this gallery but please contact me about purchasing a custom print. I will be happy to discuss options and materials with you.